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New York Record and Log Book Requirements

The right attorney is essential if you have recently been involved in a truck accident with a driver who you believe was violating log book requirements. Log book and record requirements are managed by the state and the federal government in order to prevent critical and life changing truck accidents.

These record requirements mandate that truckers keep track of the hours they are behind the wheel, any problems they encounter and the amount of time they spend resting. If a trucker attempts to doctor these records and violates the log book rules, however, he or she can get in trouble. Furthermore, if you have been hurt as a result of a log book and record requirements accident in New York, you need an experienced attorney who will help you file a legal claim for recovery.

It is in the best interests of all trucking companies managing loads throughout New York to get the cargo to the destination as soon as possible. However, when this increases your chances of being involved in a catastrophic accident because a driver is not paying attention to the log book or violating the records requirements, a victim of a trucking accident may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim.

If you were involved in a truck accident that involved a violation of the service rules, you need to contact an experienced New York log book and record requirements accident lawyer as you could be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. This can only occur if you file a prompt and effective personal injury claim. Your lawyer can help you identify whether or not you have the grounds to file a claim for such a case and to figure out who could be held responsible. Trucking accidents are especially complex when they involve alleged record violations because you will need to illustrate that the trucker knew that he or she was violating the laws and the development of proper evidence is extremely important.

The sooner you can dispatch your New York log book and record requirements accidents attorney to the scene and to evaluate all possible evidence, the higher your chances of walking away with maximum compensation for your injuries. Given that there are so many complex issues involved in the management of a case like this, you will need an attorney who has a track record of successfully handling these claims. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines hours of service rules for truckers. These include:

  • The maximum number of hours that a truck driver can spend behind the wheel during one 14-hour shift is 11.
  • The 34 hours off rule. Truckers must spend at least 34 hours off duty before beginning a new work week.
  • Truckers cannot work more than 70 hours during an eight-day period if the trucking company operates vehicles seven days a week.
  • Truckers cannot spend more than 60 hours on duty during a seven-day period if the trucking company does not operate vehicles up to seven days a week.

The truck driver can be classified as on duty not just when they are behind the wheel of a truck, driving it. When inspecting the truck, waiting at the depot for the truck to be dispatched or loading or unloading the truck all classify as on duty time. Drivers who are tired and are pushing the limit in order to get a load to its destination sooner rather than later may fall asleep at the wheel. This is not the only potential risk, however. A driver who is exhausted may not be as attentive or as alert and therefore, may not be able to react to changes in traffic, weather or road conditions. Driver can end up slamming into the rear of another vehicle and seriously hurting passengers.

A log book and records violations accident attorney in New York can tell you more about what is involved in pursuing a maximum injury claim. These trucking accidents can be devastating for a victim as well as the victim's family. An injury such as broken bones, amputations, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and death may apply. Consulting with an experienced attorney may be the only way to recover maximum compensation.

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