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New York Improper Braking Technique

Truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicle as safely as possible because trucks all too often involved in catastrophic accidents. Trucks are massive in size and truck drivers must have a special license and experience to operate this particular type of vehicle.

However, when a truck driver is inattentive, is too tired because of pressure to try to meet deadlines or simply doesn’t pay enough attention to operate the vehicle safely, he or she could be held responsible in an injury claim.

If a truck driver failed to apply the brakes in time or did so in a way that was extremely dangerous, this could put you at risk for severe injuries. When a doctor tells you that your life is changing in big ways because a truck driver didn’t apply the brakes properly, you could talk to a NY improper brake technique accident lawyer to file an injury claim. Only an attorney who has years in this field can help.

If you believe that you have an accident claim against a truck driver because of improper braking technique, you need to share these concerns with your New York improper braking technique truck accident attorney immediately. An improper braking technique accident lawyer in New York will investigate what caused the accident and gather all of the appropriate evidence that can help to support your injury claim.

You may be shocked to realize that trucking companies have extensive teams of attorneys and accident investigators who would look for any possible reason to deny liability. Improper braking technique, however, is something that you may be able to glean from investigation of the accident itself or the black box inside the truck. The commercial driver’s license manual governs the recommended braking techniques for truckers.

The manual initially advocated steady and light brake application, when a truck is descending a steep grade. However, University of Michigan research changed that methodology to suggest SNUB braking. This requires harder brake application. This serves multiple purposes including:

  • Reaching the maximum safe speed.
  • Allowing the truck to accelerate.
  • Choosing the correct gear.
  • Distributing energy across all of the working brakes in the truck.
  • Braking to slow the truck down by 5 miles per hour.
  • Repeating the process as the truck descends the hill and maintaining balance at all wheel ends.

Overheating can inflict severe damage to truck brakes, so the old theory of steady and light braking that was intended to slow down trucks also reduced the amount of heat energy required. However, the manner of braking does not impact the amount of heat produced, according to research. Distribution among the entire braking system produced cooler brakes and SNUB braking has also been tied to the elimination of the dangerous pressure imbalance that can cause severe accidents. Many truck accidents including those associated with improper braking technique are caused by driver's negligence. A truck that weighs 80,000 lbs. will be difficult to stop at the last minute. Some causes of improper braking technique include;

  • Speed violation
  • Drunk driving
  • Inexperience
  • Failure to inspect brakes
  • Tire blowouts
  • Distraction
  • Fatigue
  • Insufficient buffers
  • Speed violations
  • Talking and texting

Trucking and hauling companies have a responsibility to maintain safe brakes. When they violate this and ultimately causes an accident, you need to contact a New York improper braking technique accident attorney to help you file an injury claim. Many parties may be held responsible in such an injury claim and it is your ability to take action quickly and to consult with an improper braking technique accident attorney in New York who will do everything impossible to protect you that can make or break your personal injury case. Improper braking technique can lead to deadly and severe accidents. So, if you suspect that this happened in your case, do not hesitate to call a lawyer you can trust.

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