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Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer

Each year, thousands of people suffer injury or a fatal injury as a result of truck accidents due to the severity of these types of accidents, reports our Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer Team. Nearly one in eight vehicle accidents, where a big truck is involved, result in fatalities that can create a wrongful death claim. Big trucks also go by the names of; Big Rig, Commercial truck, tractor trailer, semi truck or 18 wheeler.

Our Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer Team has discovered that truck accidents are more likely to cause injury and death because of the large size, weight and speed of these vehicles. Even at slower speeds, truck accidents are more likely to cause injury or death because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicle. Often, a car accident that would have just been fender bender, had smaller cars been involved, result in injury and death when a big truck is involved because of the size of the vehicle.

Our office’s Manhattan Injury Lawyers have spent years in the courtroom fighting for the rights of victims involved in truck accident cases and a variety of other motor vehicle accidents that give rise to claims of personal injury and wrongful death, among other legal claims such as car accident claims, Truck accident boat accidents, bicycle accident claims, SUV accident claims, and motorcycle accident claims. Our attorneys are detailed and thorough when addressing the medical implications of big truck accidents, including any injury that requires surgery like a spinal injury (laminectomy) or a brain injury (craniotomy).

When an accident occurs, the trucking company or insurer of the trucking company will try to get you to accept a quick settlement or even possibly to waive your rights. They do this because after an accident you are likely to be shaken up and thus, be vulnerable to their efforts.

Don't waive your rights regarding compensation for a truck accident injury, our Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer team can assist accident victims from all over New York area to preserve their rights with regards to claims arising from an accident. Our experienced Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyers are successful in fighting insurers and big business. For a free consultation and review of your options, contact Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Size, weight and speed all contribute to the risks that big trucks pose, but these characteristics are not the only reasons why these accidents happen and cause injury.

Our Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer is experienced with the many factors that can contribute to big truck accidents and injuries that arise from these wrecks such as:

  • Failure by the trucking company to adequately hire and train drivers.
  • Pressure by trucking companies on drivers to meet deadlines that compromise safety.
  • Failure by trucking companies to ensure drivers get enough rest to be safe drivers.
  • Drinking (DWI) or drug use (DWUI) by drivers.
  • Improper loading of the trucks that contributes to unsafe weight distribution.
  • Product liability claims against the manufacturers of a vehicle or product that contributes to your injury.
  • Other claims, such as medical malpractice on the part of attending physicians or first responders.
Who is Responsible?

The truck driver and the trucking company are not the only parties that may be held legally accountable for your accident. There may be other parties that you can pursue claims against for your injury. These parties may include:

  • Contractors who hired the trucker or trucking company.
  • The driver of the truck or the trucking business
  • The company owning the truck that leases it to the driver or trucking company
  • Insurers of the trucker or trucking business.
  • Your employer. If you were working at the time of the crash, you may be able to pursue workers compensation.
  • The trucking company's shipper.
  • Third parties working with the trucking company.

Our Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer team is trained to follow the paper trail to any and all parties that may be legally responsible for your accident. These matters can often be difficult, as unearthing and deciphering contracts and insurance policies can be tough. For those reasons, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer working on your behalf.

Other Issues

Big truck accidents present a variety of specific legal issues unique to this form of vehicle due to heavy federal regulations and other unique vehicle characteristics.

For example, a tractor-trailer may jackknife, or skid, swinging out on one side. This can happen when a careless truck driver allows the truck’s wheels to lock up on slippery surfaces. A Jackknife increases the likelihood of a rollover incident.

A rollover incident may occur with any vehicle but a vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer, with a higher center of gravity, are at a higher risk for this form of accident. Most often, when a tractor-trailer rolls over, it is due to the driver’s negligence. For example, the truck was going too fast to safely execute a turn.

A turning accident happens when the truck driver uses more than one lane to make a turn. With some claims, this factor is sometimes enough evidence to prove the other party’s negligence.

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