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Suffolk County Truck Accident Lawyer

Our Suffolk County Accident Lawyer Team says that big truck accidents result in a substantial number of injuries and wrongful deaths each calendar year. In fact, nearly one out of every eight vehicle accidents where a big truck is involved result in a fatality that can be categorized as a wrongful death. Big trucks is a general term for various trucks. These type of trucks can range from Semi Truck, to Big Rigs, to tractor trailers and 18 wheelers as well as all other commercial trucks.

The truth is that big trucks are dangerous on the highways. Their tremendous size and weight, and the high rates of speed that they travel at down the Interstates and highways make them potentially deadly in almost any accident. Even a low speed car accident involving a big truck can result in serious injury or death because of the enormous mass of these vehicles.

Our Suffolk County Injury Lawyer team are highly skilled in fighting for the legal rights of people who have been injured or have lost a loved one in a large truck accident. Our attorneys have experience in just about every type of moving vehicle accident, including bicycle accident suits, boat accident suits, motorcycle accident suits, SUV and car accident suits and more. We also are very knowledgeable about the serious medical consequences that can result from an accident, including a permanent spinal injury or concussion causing a brain injury.

Most insurers and big trucking companies seek to limit their liability after an accident by contacting the victims and offering them a quick settlement. While this may seem tempting to some, the truth is that these settlements are nothing more than an attempt by the other party to limit their liability and decrease the compensation that you're entitled to. In actuality, you are probably owed more and will certainly need more to cover your medical costs and loss of income, not to mention compensation for your pain and suffering.

A Suffolk County Truck Accident Lawyer from our Team is able to assist victims in the greater New York area protect their legal rights and interests. We have spent years fighting the insurers and trucking companies for our clients and know the ropes and how to successfully press claims for compensation. If you have been injured in a big truck accident, please contact Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC to get a free consultation and learn about your legal options.

Common Truck Accident Causes

There's a lot of things that can cause a big truck wreck, but what a lot of them add up to is negligence on the part of another party. Let's say the trucking company failed to make sure its drivers were properly licensed or failed to exercise reasonable care to ensure that they were not drinking while driving/DWI or drug impaired/DWAI. These are negligent actions that can give rise to a lawsuit.

In addition to those examples, there are a number of other negligent acts that can create grounds for a lawsuit including: scheduling routes that lead drivers to take unsafe risks and cut safety corners to meet tight deadlines, not allowing drivers enough rest time to avoid fatigue, improperly loading trucks, product liability on behalf of the manufacturer of a truck part or product or even medical malpractice by health care providers who treated you after a wreck.

Potential Defendants or Accountable Parties

Possible defendants in these cases are not limited to the truck driver or trucking companies. Insurers who provide coverage for these companies are often targets of suits, as many of these companies will try to limit the compensation they owe plaintiffs by arguing exclusions to their policies bar coverage.

In addition to insurers, third parties may also be subject to a suit. The company that hired the trucking firm, its supplier or a company that loaded the truck may be responsible in whole or in part for your accident. If you were injured on the job, your employer may be liable for a workers compensation.

Locating or identifying potential third party defendants can be difficult. That's why it's important to hire a law firm with substantial experience in the various contracts and agreements that can make a third party liable for your injury claim.

Other Issues

Truck accident suits provide a series of unique challenges to litigators, especially with regard to contract law and technical aspects of these cases. The big insurers have attorneys who are skilled in these cases, so it only makes sense that when you go to court, you're going to want a skilled and hard-working Suffolk County Truck Accident Lawyer.

A good big truck accident attorney needs to understand contract law, insurance law and some practical knowledge such as how the trucking industry operates, how it is regulated, the physics of a big truck accident and some basic medical knowledge about the types of injuries these accidents can cause.

Our lawyers understand the distinctive challenges truck accidents pose, and can research and delve into these issues to present a more effective advocacy for you in court. It's what we do, and we're proud of our professionalism and ability to help victims get what they deserve.

With much experience in personal injury cases, Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will schedule an appointment with a Suffolk Truck Accident Lawyer. If a truck accident has affected your life, please contact us online or call 800.696.9529. Or you may visit one of our locations in Suffolk County or Nassau County on Long Island or Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or in Staten Island in New York City.

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