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Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer

According to our Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer Team, big truck accidents result in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries each year. Nearly 20 percent of all big truck accidents cause a wrongful death as a result of the collision. . When we refer to big trucks accidents, we are including the following types of trucks: 18 wheeler, Big Rig, tractor trailer, semi truck or a commercial vehicle.

The massive size and weight of big trucks are what makes them so very dangerous. As any experienced truck accident attorney can tell you, even at low speeds truck accidents are more dangerous than other wrecks because of the sheer mass of the vehicle. It's a fact that a low speed big truck accident will cause an elevated number of deaths above low speed car accident.

Our Staten Island Injury Lawyer Team has spent years dealing with a wide variety of personal injury cases such as truck accident cases, bicycle accident cases, car and SUV accident cases and motorcycle accident cases. These cases all to often result in a tragic spinal injury amputation or brain injury that can cause long term disability and big time bills, meaning you need to ensure that you get all of the compensation you're entitled to as a result of the wreck.

When the big trucking companies and big insurers get wind of a wreck, they'll immediately send a representative to contact you to try to convince you to accept a quick settlement. These settlements are often far less than what you're entitled to and far less than what you'll need to cover your loss of income and medical bills.

When you are involved in a big wreck you are shaken up and vulnerable and likely to agree to things you ordinarily wouldn't. That is why it is so important to ignore the blandishments of big insurance and hire a competent personal injury attorney from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC.

Our Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer team can help folks from all over New York City press their legal claims in court. Our attorneys are top notch at protecting the rights and interests of our clients from the big insurance companies. If you need help, contact Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC for a free consultation and review of the legal avenues open to you.

Common Causes of Big Truck Wrecks

There are a variety of factors that can help to cause a major big truck accident. Many of these causes are a result of someone else's negligence. Our firm can help identify the responsible parties and bring them to justice.

Your wreck may have been caused by a DWI or drug influenced driver (DWUI). The trucking company may have failed to properly recruit and train qualified drivers. A parts manufacturer may have supplied the trucking company with a faulty piece of equipment that contributed to your accident and which may also give rise to a product liability suit. Or possibly the medical care providers who responded to your accident may have committed medical malpractice.

Whatever is responsible for the wreck, the Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer group will help you obtain the necessary evidence to fight your claim and help obtain the appropriate compensation from the responsible parties for your damages.

Responsible Parties

Trucking companies and truckers aren't the only people who may be held responsible for a truck accident. Other parties that may also be legally at fault include contractors and third party employers of the trucking company. Companies responsible for packing the truck or setting deliver schedules may also have some liability. If you were on the job when the accident happened, your employer may also have liable for a workers compensation claim.

Our skilled Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer understands how to find the responsible parties and how to hold them accountable for your injury. It's a lot of paper chasing and legwork, but it's what we do best.

Other Issues

Big truck accidents pose some distinct legal challenges with regard to specialized arguments and research. Your attorney will not only need to know the law, he or she will also have to understand some very complicated technical issues such as weight distribution, labor contracts, accident reconstruction, vehicle mechanics and more.

Our skilled Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer has a wide variety of legal and real world experience in the various issues that a big truck injury case can turn on, such as mechanical issues with the truck or labor practices. To get the compensation you are owed, you need to find a legal team that can go toe to toe with the big insurance companies and their attorneys.


If you have an received an injury from a truck accident, you will need the assistance of a Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer that is knowledgeable and experienced. The Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyers with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC should be your first call. Each one of our Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyers is available to hear your issues. Do not hesitate to call 800.696.9529 for a no charge consultation. We have a Staten Island office conveniently located near you, in addition to other offices throughout New York City and Long Island including Manhattan Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Nassau County and Suffolk County as well as Westchester County.

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