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Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer

Our Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer Team reports that thousands of individuals die and tens of thousands suffer a truck accident injury due to the various kinds of truck accidents during the calendar year. In reality, 1 in 8 vehicle accidents involving a large truck result in a wrongful death from the collision. There are numerous kinds of big trucks. The list includes Semi Truck, Commercial truck, Big Rig, tractor trailer and 18 wheeler.

A truck accident is especially dangerous because of the massive size, weight and rate of speed with which the trucks travel. Any skilled Truck Accident Lawyer will inform you, even at a slower speed, if a truck accident happens, the damage that these trucks can create is enormous. When a truck bumps into a car at a slow speed, the resulting car accident can cause a serious injury. If that same car accident occurred between two cars it would have been just a small fender bender.

Each Bronx Injury Lawyer with in the firm has extensive experience with all kinds of cases which include: truck accident cases, bicycle accident cases, ATV accident cases, SUV accident cases, motorcycle accident cases and car accident cases that may result in permanently disabling the victim like a spinal injury (quadraplegia) or cause brain injury (TBI) or possibly result in a wrongful death.

Shortly after a collision happens, trucking and insurance companies will attempt to limit their liability. The injured party of the collision is most susceptible at this time.

A Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer from our firm can help victims from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan and throughout the region to protect their rights and interests. The Bronx Truck Accident Lawyers team in our firm are successful and experienced in fighting against insurance companies and big business. Contact Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC for a free initial consultation and review of your legal choices.

Common Truck Accident Causes

Besides the truck’s size and weight, several other factors contribute to the innate dangers of trucks, such as driving characteristics.

Our Bronx Truck Accident Lawyers handle numerous common causes of truck accidents, which may include:

  • Inadequate or unacceptable driver qualifications and instruction. The drivers that have received proper training will receive guidance about driving techniques, safety issues and defensive driving measures.
  • Truck drivers that are hassled into meeting deadlines and delivery schedules.
  • Drivers that are weary or facing fatigue after many hours of working. This poses serious safety risks because a truck driver can fall asleep or become distracted, losing focus on driving.
  • Trucks that are incorrectly loaded with unsecure shipments can lead to accidents.
  • DWI or Drinking and driving or driving while under the influence of drugs can cause a truck driver to be unable to properly and safely maneuver his truck.
  • In some accidents or cases, a vehicle or product may be malfunction or may be defective which may necessitate a product liability claim against the respective product’s manufacturer.
  • Additional claims may happen from your truck accident injury, for instance a physician may commit foreseeable medical malpractice as a result of the accident.
Possible Truck Accident Defendants

The truck driver and the truck driver’s employer may not be the only individuals responsible for the truck accident. To hold all responsible parties accountable, the Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer will discover the parties responsible and hold them accountable for their negligent actions. Possible responsible entities can include:

  • The truck operator
  • The truck’s owner and lessor or the lessee of the truck
  • Contractors
  • The trucking business
  • Third-party employers
  • The business that loaded the truck
  • The trucking company’s contracted shipper
  • The truck driver, trucking company or other liable party’s insurance companies
  • If you were working at the time of the accident, your employer (workers compensation claim)

If the driver is an independent contractor, proving liability of a third party like the contracting company, may be a difficult process. If this applies to your case, you will need a knowledgeable Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer to work for you.

Other Issues

Truck accidents present distinctive challenges compared to other kinds of vehicle accidents. For example, the trucking industry is immensely regulated and thus, an accident claim can be more complex and intricate due to federal regulations. Truck accidents can present other unique challenges:

  • When the wheels on a truck lock up because of slippery conditions or because of the negligence of the truck driver, a jackknife can occur. This is when the tractor trailer skids, swinging out on one side. When a truck jackknifes, there is an increased possibility of a rollover accident occurring.
  • Although any vehicle can roll over, vehicles that have higher centers of gravity, like trucks, are more vulnerable. In a lot of rollover accidents, the negligence of the driver is to blame. Frequently, a truck is traveling too fast to execute a safe turn.
  • When tractor trailer takes up more than one lane on the road to make a turn, a turning accident can occur. In some accidents, this factor alone is enough to demonstrate the driver’s negligence.
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