New York Failure to Properly Brake

Being involved in any type of accident with a truck is an overwhelming and catastrophic experience. This is because the weight and the size of a traditional commercial vehicle truck, even one that is not fully loaded, is much more than your typical passenger vehicle. The trucker might have failed to brake at all, or he or she could have applied improper braking technique.

This means that when there are any other excessive factors applied in the accident case, such as high speed or a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the chances for a catastrophic accident are much higher. As a result, if you've been injured in an accident with a truck because the driver did not properly brake or failed to brake at all, you need to consult with a New York failure to brake truck accident lawyer in New York. Without a New York failure to brake truck accident attorney, you may not realize the many ways that this accident can shape your life and make things difficult in the future.

Brake failure can occur for a number of different reasons. In some cases, defective brakes may make it impossible for the truck driver to apply the pressure necessary to stop the truck. However, there are other common issues associated with failure to brake that have to do with the driver's error. Trucking accidents can be especially complicated because multiple parties may be held responsible. When the trucking company did not properly train the truck driver or hired a dangerous driver to begin with, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim directly against the trucking company as well as the driver.

Other negligent parties could include the manufacturer of any defective parts that caused or contributed to the accident. One thing to be aware of with trucking accidents is that it is more often the case that the truck driver was involved in some type of negligence that ultimately caused your injuries. When the truck driver doesn't apply the brakes soon enough, applies them too hard and spins out or jackknives, or applies them too late, this can all cause major accidents. Trying to stop a fully loaded commercial vehicle truck is difficult because of the weight of the truck itself. It takes longer for a traditional commercial vehicle truck to come to a stop than any other vehicle by comparison on the roads today. However, truck drivers should know this and be prepared for how to properly operate their vehicle safely. If a truck driver isn't paying attention and has to slam on the brakes at the last second or if the truck driver was tailgating and was far too close to another vehicle to begin with, a rear end accident that occurs could put that truck driver in a difficult position with regards to liability. Getting evidence from the scene of an accident is extremely important. In the wake of such a wreck, you may not even remember exactly what happened but dispatching your New York failure to brake truck accident lawyer to the scene can make you more aware of how the accident occurred. It may only be revealed in the hours, days and weeks after such a trucking accident that it was the driver's inability or improper application of the brakes that caused or contributed to the accident. Getting medical attention should be your first priority in the wake of such a serious accident but after this, you need to consult with a knowledgeable failure to apply brakes truck accident attorney in New York so that you can initiate the proper legal claim. You only have a limited period of time in which you can initiate a claim like this so it is imperative that you find a lawyer who has handled cases like this before. A thorough investigation of all the mechanical items associated with the truck must be completed as soon as possible.

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