New York City Truck Accident Lawyer

Big truck accidents claim thousands of lives and cause tens of thousands of deaths each year, according to our New York City Truck Accident Lawyer team. Big truck wrecks are very dangerous and a high percentage of them end in serious injury or wrongful death. There are many different varieties of big trucks. They can include; a Tractor Trailer, Big Rig, Commercial truck, semi truck and 18 wheeler.

Many of the injuries that occur in a big truck accident are actionable at law, and our New York City Truck Accident Lawyer team can help you recover the compensation and damages you deserve for what you've gone through. Whether it's a serious brain injury requiring a craniotomy or a spinal injury or the death of a loved one, we have the legal know-how and the chutzpah to forcefully litigate and recover what you're owed.

Did you know that nearly one in eight big truck accidents result in death? An even larger percentage of them result in serious injury. Big truck accidents pose an elevated threat to your safety because these vehicles are so large and travel so fast. It's a proven fact that a car accident that would have just resulted in a minor wreck if two cars were involved turns into a major catastrophe when big trucks are involved because of the physics involved with such a large fast object striking a much smaller vehicle.

Our New York City Injury Lawyer team has decades of experience in litigating all the various types of personal injury cases that can arise from car accident cases, pedestrian accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, construction accident case, bicycle accident cases, watercraft, slip and fall cases and other accidents. We know about accident reconstruction, corporate policies and other factors that can influence the outcome of your case and how much you can recover.

If you're involved in a traffic accident, often a representative of the trucking company or their insurers will try to contact you about a settlement or a waiver of your claims. They're trying to limit their liability by getting you to agree to a deal where you exchange your right to sue for what amounts to pocket change.

After an accident, you're shaken up, confused and vulnerable. You just want the horrific experience you've gone through to be over, and you may end up waiving valuable rights if the insurers or trucking companies get to you before you're ready to make good decisions. Don't agree to anything until you consult with a qualified New York City Truck Accident Lawyer.

Our New York City Truck Accident Lawyer Team can help safeguard your rights to compensation and damages. We can help victims from locales throughout New York obtain what they're owed in court. Our New York City Truck Accident Lawyer group is comprised of skilled litigators with years of experience in fighting for the rights of our clients. If you've been in an accident, if you have injuries and you need help, get in contact with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC today for the free initial consultation that can help you get what you deserve.

Common Causes of Big Truck accidents

Other than the size and weight of the truck, there are a number of other factors that can result in big truck accidents. Many of these factors are causes of action for a lawsuit. Some of them include:

  • Failure of the trucking company to ensure that the drivers are adequately trained and have the right credentials and licenses.
  • Failure of the trucking company to schedule routes that give drivers adequate time to drive at safe rates of speed to meet deadline.
  • Drunk or drug impaired drivers (DWI and DWUI). Failure of the company to institute a drug and alcohol awareness and testing policy.
  • Failure of the company to allow drivers sufficient time for rest to avoid fatigue.
  • Loading procedures that result in weight distribution that contributes to accidents.
  • Defective or inadequately maintained trucks and equipment that can contribute to wrecks and a possibly a product liability claim.
  • Medical malpractice with regard to first responders or ER attending physicians.

Our New York City Truck Accident Lawyer Team is skilled at finding actions that may have resulted in injury to you and recovering the compensation and damages that you're entitled to. This is money that you're owed because of another party's negligence, so there's no need for feeling any guilt over pursuing it in court. You were the injured party and we're here to fight for you.

Possible Truck Accident Defendants

In a big truck accident, it is likely that you would assume that the truck driver and his company are the only parties a legal claim could be filed against, but in actuality, there is a number of potentially responsible parties for your injury. Our New York Truck Accident Lawyers can find these parties and pursue your rights in court.

There is a number of people who may be accountable for your accident, including the operator of the truck, a lessor or lessee of the truck, a third party employer who contracted the trucking company, the trucking company's contracted shipper, the company that loaded the truck and possibly your employer and boss if you were working at the time of the wreck (workers compensation claim) and much more.

Tracking down all the potentially responsible parties can be arduous, which is why it's important to hire a company that knows all the ins and outs of the trucking business and the way they handle litigation. Our New York Truck Accident Lawyers know how trucking companies operate, understand their insurance policies and know the best legal strategies to ensure that you get the compensation that you are owed by law.

Legal Issues Specific to Trucking Suits

Big truck accident suits can get complicated. That is because there are so many issues specific to the industry that need to be understood by the attorney representing the victim. It is not just necessary to understand the law, your attorney will also need to understand the various federal regulations that pertain to trucking, the physics of an accident such as speed, mass and velocity, insurance issues and contracts between truckers and their clients. You will not win your case with just any attorney, you need representation with a proven track record of taking on the big trucking companies and winning. That's where we come in. Our New York City Truck Accident Lawyers have the experience, know how and connections to find the evidence, present it convincingly and win your case.


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