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New York Tanker Truck Accident

Tanker truck accidents can be catastrophic and can lead to multiple car pile ups and serious injuries or fatalities, if they cannot be stopped soon enough. Chemical spills and explosions are some of the most common aftermath incidents associated with a tanker truck accident. Any truck accident is dangerous, but tanker trucks could explode at the scene of the accident and cause more devastating injuries to other drivers. Quick action at the scene can minimize the fallout from a tanker truck accident, but it’s in your best interests to be prepared to protect yourself.

If you have recently been involved in such an incident in which you suspect that tanker truck driver was responsible, you need a New York tanker truck accidents attorney immediately. A tanker truck accident attorney in New York can help you figure out what kind of negligence was involved in the accident and whether there are any other potentially liable parties.

An experienced New York tanker truck accident lawyer will be help you to act quickly. The reasons to act quickly are numerous. First of all, witnesses may forget or disappear, evidence can be lost and you may pass the deadline for filing after which your case will not be heard.

Tanker trucks are designed to carry liquids or gases in a cargo area in the shape of a cylinder. Although the size of a tanker truck will vary and the amount of cargo associated with every individual tanker truck is unique, the largest tanker trucks can carry many thousands of gallons of items. They will carry everything from gasoline to milk and the cylinders can be modified to accommodate the material inside with insulation, reinforcement, and pressurizing. Unfortunately, however, a tanker truck driver does not always have the necessary experience or care to operate such a vehicle safely. Any tanker truck that is involved in an accident can catch fire or explode, leaving life lasting repercussions for anyone involved in the incident. Because of the size and the weight of a tanker truck and the fact that they are often carrying dangerous materials, it can be impossible for other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists to get out of the way of a tanker truck that is weaving off the road or swerving into another lane of traffic.

Tanker trucks face many of the same challenges that other trucks do, including roll overs and driver fatigue. The fact that tanker trucks carry liquid cargo, however, adds another layer of complexity to the risk factor in these accidents. As a truck is moving, the liquid cargo inside shifts. This is known as sloshing and too much sloshing can cause a truck driver to lose control. An accident caused by sloshing or other inattentive behavior on the part of the driver should prompt you to hire a tanker truck accident lawyer in New York.

The changes in weight that occurs with sloshing make driving a rig may even more dangerous. An added risk of tanker truck accidents is flammable liquid inside. The force of an impact from any type of incident can cause an explosion. Both explosions and fires can lead to significant property loss and injuries. Severe burn injuries are also more common in tanker truck accidents than in other types of vehicle wrecks. Explosions often lead to a high fatality rate because drivers have no opportunity to get away from the incident quickly enough.

Many drivers involved in a tanker truck accident caused by an explosion will not even realize what has happened. If the tanker carried radioactive waste or chemicals, exposure to either one of these can lead to severe health issues, such as radioactive illness or chemical burns. Anyone who works or lives in the area can also be exposed, generating unique legal concerns. Furthermore, a spill or leak from an inappropriately closed tanker requires hazmat cleanup. The spill or leak can also lead to further accidents as motorists get closer to the scene of the accident. If you have been involved in a tanker truck crash, prompt investigation by a knowledgeable attorney is vital.

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